Get the Ticket

Amateur radio is full of many broad concepts and ideas. However, none of them matter without one small thing. That is the license. It doesn’t matter if it is a Technician Class, General Class, or Extra Class, you need an amateur radio license to seriously get started.

To that end, I will say, as this is the first post of Mechanical Ham, the license is the foundation of everything else. This also means that there will frequent postings regarding licensing and why some questions are what they are. This will even include older questions that are no longer part of the question pool, yet may have some relevance in our otherwise overly modern world.

As getting the license is the foundation of all else, it is good to practice in advance of the actual test. I like to recommend for practice tests, and LCWO (Learn CW Online) for Morse Code. I also tend to recommend the Gordon West WB6NOA books for studying, as he goes through the entire question pool, analyzing the questions and their possible answers, explaining exactly why one particular answer is right, and the others are wrong. This is how I got my Technician, General, and Extra Class license.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? This is it. Get started. Get the Ticket, and open the world.


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