About Mechanical Ham

Mechanical ham is a look at amateur radio from the earliest days of radio up until the the advent of of solid state technology. To that end, very little discussion will found regarding transistors. Also, there is no intentions of discussing packet radio, SDR, or anything else of that nature, aside from a few looks at amateur radio and its place in our contemporary world.

Does Mechanical Ham fit or otherwise belong to a specific genre or culture? Yes and no. Mechanical Ham, in terms of “culture”, hold no allegiance to any particular ethnicity or political group. However, if you are holding to the idea of Steampunk vs. Dieselpunk vs. Cyberpunk, that is a different question, and an easy one to answer. Mechanical Ham would be more at home in the genre and culture of Dieselpunk. This is not to say that Steampunk and Cyberpunk do not have anything in common with Mechanical Ham, it is just that Cyperpunk is reliant on digital devices, and Mechanical Ham is not about digital devices. In like manner, it would be difficult to say what Steampunk would have in common with Mechanical Ham, as Steampunk is Victorian in its mindset, whereas Mechanical Ham is more of an Industrial Age mindset.

Where do I, the editor, fit in? I am a child of the early 1970’s. Vacuum tubes were still a thing. My oldest amateur band receiver is a 1934 Patterson PR-10, which I have mostly restored, that previously belonged to my great grandfather. To that end, I am also more a child of the Industrial Age than of the Information Age. I may “get” Cyberpunk, but I am not Cyberpunk. No, I am Mechanical Ham.